"Paw Print (01)" - 2in x 2in - 5 Pack

"Paw Print (01)" - 2in x 2in - 5 Pack




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Product type: Glitter Tattoo Stencil

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2x2 Glitter Tattoo Stencil

Paw Print silhouette glitter tattoo

This is a package of five (5) vinyl stencil designed specifically for the application of glitter tattoos. These are three-part stencils that consist of a layer of clear application tape, a vinyl stencil, and a paper backing.

The base size of the stencil is a 2in x 2in (~5cm x 5cm) square; the stencil shown is proportionally correct to the base.  In some cases, we place the stencil at an angle to allow for the largest size possible when appropriate.

These single-use stencils are made from commercial grade, 3mil thick, self-adhesive soft vinyl. Its skin-friendly, water-based adhesive back provides the right balance between staying put as you apply Body Glue while not irritating sensitive skin when removing. The clear application tape allows you to apply the stencil to the skin and easily peel away, leaving the vinyl stencil in place. 

Though not required, we do recommend using our Glitterverse Body Glue product for applying glitter. It has been designed and tested specifically for glitter tattoos. We also carry a line of glue applicators and glitter application bottles to meet your needs! 


Made in the USA!

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