Glue Applicator Bottle with Filling Pipette (8ml or .27oz)




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Vendor: Glitterverse

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Glue Applicator Bottles

You may have seen this bottle featured in such classic movies as a "A Tale of Tulips: The Lip Gloss Applicator Story" or "To Glue with Love." To everyone's great joy, the talented applicator has decided to expand its career into the world of body glue. Along with its faithful companion, Fillmore Pipette, the two are taking over the world of glitter by storm.
The secret to a great performance is the strong brush attached to the cap to apply clean and controlled glue to your canvas. This lovely actor can carry up to 8ml (or 0.27oz for the American audiences) of glue that is always at the ready.
Who can forget the Oscar nominated performance in "A Brush with Destiny" when co-star Annette Bening dropped this bottle on the ground and realized that the vial's strong plastic construction kept it from shattering. Not a dry eye or glued shoe in the theater.
But behind every star is a great supporting partner. In this case a flexible and talented pipette who easily transfers the glue from any large, bulky bottle into the ample body of the glue applicator. Combined, the two will be providing you continuous use for the foreseeable future.


Package Options:

Three packaging options:  Single Bottle, 6 Pack, and 12 Pack. 
Each package contains one pipette per bottle.

Package contains: 

  • 8ml applicator bottle(s) w/brush (wand) attached to cap
  • 8ml squeeze filling pipette(s) [think small turkey baster] 
  • plastic bottle opening reducer(s) [limits spills/drips, and brush overload]

Bottle Specs:

  • Round, clear plastic base, holds 8ml of fluid
  • Rubberized matte black finish on plastic screw cap (wand attached)
  • 3.7in tall by 0.6875in (11/16in) diameter
  • Refillable