Opaque Glitter: Galaxy Black




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Opaque Glitter: Galaxy Black

Glitter Details

All our glitters are exclusively selected for their cosmetic-friendly uses.  Made from a very stable, non-toxic plastic commonly called PET, that has been approved for cosmetic applications by the FDA and EU. The colors have been tested to be solvent-resistant which means that they won't bleed, stain, or run when used in glues, with nail polish, or in contact with acetone (nail polish remover).  More safety and use details can be found HERE.

The individual flake is optimal size and shape to maximize the reflective brilliance: .008 inches (about 0.2 mm) across and cut in a hex (stop sign) shape. These are perfectly suited for full coverage in a glitter tattoo or a light dusting to make your face and body makeup pop.

Try our squeeze bottles for controlled, low-waste applications. Small and sealable, they are perfect to carry glitter in your purse or suitcase.

Glitter Packaging

Glitterverse.com is committed to giving our customers the most value for their dollar. That is why, unlike most of our competitors we sell by the actual weight not by the volume. Don't be fooled, our competitors' one-ounce bottles are only about 80% of an ounce by weight! 

This glitter will be sent to you in a heat-sealed mylar bag so no worries about lost glitter due to crushed bottles.  The resealable zip-lock bag allows you to only use the glitter you need at that time and not worry about spillage when the excess is stored for later use.  

Fence Sitters:

After all this, you're still uncertain about making the purchase?  Fear not!  Contact us directly and ask for a sample package ($0.99 each which can be applied to your next order of 1 or more ounces).   

We also have a friendly return policy.

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