1/2oz Squeeze Bottles with Spout and Cap - 10 Pack




Collections: Applicators, Containers, Tools and Supplies

Product type: Container

Vendor: Glitterverse

Tags: Applicator, Container, tool



When used for glitter applications, these adorable bottles are perfect for storing sparkle goodness. When applying a gentle squeeze, a cloud of magic, not unlike a unicorn flatus, will erupt from the small hole at the top of the spout. This joy-dispensing tool puts the “skwee” in squeeze.

Specifically, the soft squeeze “Boston Round” bottles are made from LDPE plastic that is durable, flexible, BPA-Free, & recyclable. They are slightly opaque, so it is easy to identify the color of the contents and remaining amount within.

The screw-on spout, called a “Yorker,” has a 0.3mm pre-drilled hole at the top. A removable red tip clicks into place preventing spills. Though the bottles will hold and squirt liquids, keep bottles vertical and capped when not in use and we suggest not storing any chemicals that can evaporate over time.

These are great for holding and applying powder or thick liquids in a controlled fashion. Glitters .008” (0.2mm) and smaller easily flow through the tip without clogging while preventing excessive flow.

This is a great product for out-doors and windy events. All bottles are guaranteed gluten free and no mythical creatures were harmed during the writing of this description.