How to apply Glitter Tattoos:

  1. Pick a place to apply the tattoo and be mindful of sensitive areas or places with hair. (We don’t recommend placing stencils on faces because of the risk of getting loose glitter into someone’s eyes.)
  2. Prep the skin where you want to apply the stencil by wiping a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a cotton wipe to remove dirt and oils. Allow the area to dry before applying the stencil.
  3. Remove the paper backing from stencil.
  4. Lay the stencil on the skin. It’s ok to peel it off to adjust the placement.
  5. Use your palm to rub the stencil flat so that all the vinyl parts stick and there are no creases or bubbles.
  6. Remove the application tape (top layer) by slowly pulling one corner and all the vinyl artwork remains. Pulling at sharp angles helps separate the tape from the vinyl cleanly.
  7. With an applicator, spread a thin, even layer of Body Glue to the exposed areas, making sure to get the corners.
  8. Allow the glue to dry for 10-30 seconds (it’s ok to blow on it). It will stay tacky well after it has completely dried.
  9. APPLY GLITTER! Use different colors, be creative!  Ensure that there is no exposed glue.
  10. Pat down and brush off excess glitter. Remove stencil and don’t forget about the small parts that may be left behind.
  11. Take a picture and post it to your social media page so everyone can see what an awesome artist you are.
  12. Remind the now tattoo’d person to thank you!
  13. Repeat as needed.