Glitter Usage and Safety

Glitter Usage and Safety

Don't be an idiot!

Really, you need more than that?  Ok, here goes:

  1. Don't put glitter into your eyes. Period. 
  2. Don't huff or snort glitter. Glitter does not have a smell and has no medicinal hallucinogenic effects. 
  3. Don't eat the glitter.  It won't kill you, but sparkly poop isn't all that you might think. For those who are curious, glitter does not have any taste.  Go to the cupcake store if you want some glitter that you can eat.  However, if you want to have fun with you proctologist, a small amount consumed 1 to 2 days prior to your colonoscopy will probably make his/her day.
  4. Don't add glitter to any smokable products (see #2 above) or flames.
  5. Don't glitter bomb anybody.  Really, we get it; but we don't condone the bad-vibe of aggressive and unsolicited glitterfication of anybody or any place (with the exception of # 6 below).  Plus, you could get charged with assault.
  6. If you are an active-duty military pilot actively under attack (or performing training missions), we completely support the defensive use of our glitter as an alternative to chaff to inhibit radar acquisition by hostile forces. Please contact for bulk orders

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